My goal was to provide the most comprehensive and user friendly fitness, health, wellness and exercise tracking program.  I think I've have done just that.  I believe that the strategy of giving the customer  what they need and more has significant benefits and allows us to achieve strategic operating advantages. I have developed this program  through decades of service, numerous customer surveys, client requests and realistic user needs as well as trainer and client demands.

In my 20+ year history of working with my clients, this format comes from a lot of trial and error.  This format allow us to cost-effectively and efficiently provide our clients and anyone across the globe, in different sports, different training requirements, different goals and different programs a complete health, wellness and fitness platform for measuring and tracking their results, progress and day to day activities. Our program is flexible enough to adapt to all environments.

This program is about the overall client experience, it's about helping people live healthier lives, helping already healthy people attain and track their personal goals, it will also help you track and monitor your progress while coming back from an injury. I believe this is the formula for success.  We are a company that has chosen to be successful through providing the best customer experience possible, not by charging and relying on individual margins.   I demand our product, company experience, and service to be 100% positive.  I believe our staff thinks of everything – every last detail.  I hope you will agree!

Greg DiRenzo, M.S.

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